Handwash Sinks

Help your guests stay clean and germ-free with compact and Portable Hand Washing Station.

  • Soap and towels are delivered with every Hand Wash Sink
  • Foot pumps promote good hygiene by allowing both hands to be washed simultaneously
  • Small in size but big in capacity – up to 600 washes per unit before service is needed on each hand washing station.


Height: 47.5” Height: 35”
Width: 50.5” Width: 30.25
Depth: 21.7” Depth: 47”
45 gallon/dual service

Additional Services

Non-Potable Water Supply – Where a water supply is out of the question, DiMeglio Septic, Inc. provides a non-potable water source for your restroom rental. (When applicable)

Hand Sanitizers – Reduce 99% of germs and disease without water with our dispensed antiseptic gel. Standard in all units.

Containment Trays – Prevent ground pollution with a containment tray that fits under a single restroom. All wash down water during service is captured in the tray and is prevented from entering any storm water runoff.

Trash Receptacle Boxes – Perfect for large events such as fairs and concerts, these promote proper disposal of trash and add to the overall sanitation plant at your event for a real value.

RRV and Boat Waste Removal Services – Whether a campground or marina DiMeglio Septic, Inc. can handle your waste removal needs.

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