Porta-Water System

Where a water source and/or sewer hookup is not available, maintain a sense of normalcy by offering your staff and guests the convenience of indoor plumbing with non-portable water.

  • Choose the size that best fits your needs 80 or 100 gallon sizes available
  • Space efficient design
  • Reliable on-demand electrical water pump – runs on regular household current and shuts off automatically when water runs low
  • Easy to monitor water fill level with semi-transparent tank – know to glance how much is left – only on 100 gallon tanks.
  • Winterization Package available at no cost during winter.

Should you have large permanent liquid holding facilities, click here to learn more about our waste hauling services. Package includes Porta Water min 110 gallon holding tank and once a week service.

Additional Services

Non-Potable Water Supply – Where a water supply is out of the question, DiMeglio Septic, Inc. provides a non-potable water source for your restroom rental. (When applicable)

Hand Sanitizers – Reduce 99% of germs and disease without water with our dispensed antiseptic gel. Standard in all units.

Containment Trays – Prevent ground pollution with a containment tray that fits under a single restroom. All wash down water during service is captured in the tray and is prevented from entering any storm water runoff.

Trash Receptacle Boxes – Perfect for large events such as fairs and concerts, these promote proper disposal of trash and add to the overall sanitation plant at your event for a real value.

RRV and Boat Waste Removal Services – Whether a campground or marina DiMeglio Septic, Inc. can handle your waste removal needs.

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