Septic System Installation

DiMeglio Septic Ensures the Quality of Your New Septic System

Septic Systems Built With Experience, Excellent Materials, and Careful Planning

Whether you are building a new home in an area that requires a septic system or your existing septic system needs to be repaired or replaced, DiMeglio Septic treats your project as though it was our own.

From initial planning to follow-up service, DiMeglio Septic is an expert septic system specialist company. We do not do other types of excavation.

Additionally, DiMeglio Septic is unique to the area with a NEHA Certified Onsite System Installer coordinating all septic system installations from start to finish.

Dimeglio Septic was founded on the steadfast principle that each client is unique. Individual customer satisfaction is our benchmark.

Long System Life Requires Careful Planning

Poorly designed systems can fail even if the property owner keeps up good maintenance practices.
DiMeglio Septic works closely with pre-qualified, cost efficient NJ licensed professional engineers. Together we provide our customers with well-designed septic systems that can last 20 to 30 years if properly maintained.

  • DiMeglio Septic confirms your septic system is designed for the soil conditions, your property, and your level of usage.
  • Soil characteristics, property size, and the number of bedrooms being served will determine the size, location, and design of your septic system.
  • We help you through the engineering/permit phase, work with the local authorities, and provide follow-up service and troubleshooting after installation.

DiMeglio Ensures the Quality of Your Septic System

  • Stringent safety precautions protect our staff and our customers.
  • Customers are protected because we are fully insured.
  • DiMeglio uses the highest quality select fill, prewashed stone, and septic system materials.
  • To help you maintain your system, your records are automatically entered into our computerized maintenance reminder system.
  • “As Built” drawings are provided for every project for future reference.

Septic owners should be wary of “unconditional” guarantees because even properly installed septic systems will fail if abused.
We thoroughly inform our customers of septic “do’s and don’ts.”

Finally, DiMeglio Septic, Inc., is the area’s most reputable septic maintenance company.
Our database will automatically send a reminder when you are due for preventative servicing!

We guarantee the following on each of our projects:

  • The system will be installed exactly as your plan indicates.
  • Any changes will be approved by your engineer and Health Department.
  • Projects will be completed in full compliance with the New Jersey Administrative Code and applicable local health department requirements.
  • We will respond within to troubleshoot any future problems. If a problem is related to the craftsmanship, we will correct it at our expense.
  • There are many recent DiMeglio installations in your area, referrals are furnished upon request.
  • We are anxious to answer any questions you may have, and hopeful to work for you.

Major Tasks Included:

  • Underground mark-outs are arranged prior to start as required by the State of New Jersey.
  • Pump, and abandon all existing septic components in accordance with NJ State law.
  • Furnish and install new gallon septic tank, with upgraded baffle option.
  • Build up main opening of tank to finish grade; provide appropriate access for services.
  • Excavation of new drainage field.
  • Import Select fill-the most reliable sources.

Items to be Considered:

  • Locking Lids for Septic at Grade (below grade is usually included in proposal)
  • Permit Fees – Engineering for soil certification
  • Inspections
  • Landscaping including reseeding or applying new sod to the disturbed area
  • Sprinkler System repair or replacement
  • Tree Removal (DiMeglio includes stump removal in all proposals)
  • Utility line relocation
  • Pumping of existing system prior to removal (Discount Rate offered by DiMeglio)

Additional Notes:

  • Contractor is not responsible for damage to curb, driveway or sidewalks.
  • Work site and access lane may be disruptive to existing landscaping; care will be taken to protect trees and plants.
  • All displaced clean fill can be hauled away, at owners request.
  • Final site grading is not included on new properties. Care must be taken over septic components when grading with heavy equipment.
  • Contractor is not responsible for unmarked private utility lines, unless notified of their existence and location.

Design of the system is determined by local regulations, health codes and soil conditions.

Environmental Impacts of a Poorly Designed System:

  • Ground water contamination of drinking water
  • Unmarketable Asset

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